Balance Beam Set of 3 – Graduated 6 FT L (Anchored/Portable)


Mount Item Number Price
PORTABLE PE-NVAL-3BM-06a-Port $ 962
IN-GROUND PE-XVAL-3BM-06a $ 1,073
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Playground Balance Beams are an excellent way for children to safely learn balance while remaining only inches from the ground. In addition, imaginations can go wild as kids pretend to walk the gangplank and watch out for alligators! Perfectly designed for toddlers and preschool-age kids so they can gain balance skills while having a blast.

On our Balance Beams Triple model, three connected balance beams are available in graduated or uniform heights.

Each beam measures 72″ long x 4″ wide OR 120″ long x 4″ wide.

You can also purchase a Single Balance Beam.