Envirodesign Recycling Center with Four (4) x 25 gallon Receptacles and Center Post


Model Recycling Center with Four Receptacles & Center Post
Code 9425
Capacity 4x 25 gallon
Weight 285 lbs
Dimensions 52″L x 52″W x 33″H


The Envirodesign Recycled Plastic Lumber Recycling Receptacles are made from 95% post consumer content recycled plastic (milk jugs) and are available in 25, 32, or 55 gallon options. We manufacture a large selection of styles, sizes and color choices designed especially for the collection of both waste and recyclables at non-residential locations.

The modular configuration of our recycling centers offer endless options to create public area recycling and waste collection centers that best serve the needs of your community. Each recycling center consists of two, three, or four receptacles that are attached to a recycled plastic lumber center post. This center post can be fitted with our standard recycling signage or your custom message and logo. All Envirodesign recycled plastic lumber receptacles are built to last and are covered by an excellent warranty.

The multi-functional lids are made of fiberglass with a high gloss gelcoat finish and can be of beveled, tall, dome or sloped design. Recycled plastic lumber has a wood-like appearance and does not require any maintenance since it does not absorb any moisture. It will never need waterproofing, painting or staining and will never rot, rust, crack decay, split or splinter. Recycled plastic lumber is the environmentally friendly and economically superior alternative to traditional wood, steel and aggregate concrete products. Interior liners are included with purchase.