Commercial Playground Climbing Rock Wall Panels

Climbing walls have become one of the leading ways to engage people of all ages and fitness levels in physical education. Rock climbing is so much more than fun as it encourages the climber to push through challenges so they can achieve their goals while building physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

Another perk to a commercial playground rock climbing wall is that it’s accessible and open to everyone – including people who typically aren’t interested in physical activity. Get started today on setting up a commercial playground climbing rock wall panels for your school, park, community center, local hospital, and/or private home.


KorKat Has Various Types of Rock Climbing Wall Equipment for Sale Including:

Traverse Walls

Traverse Climbing Walls have everything you need to start climbing! KorKat’s Traverse Wall Packages include handholds, pads, panels, and attachment hardware. Our traverse walls come in a variety of styles and are all built on 4’ x 8’ panels. Each one of these commercial playground rock climbing walls comes with color-coded Hand Holds that work for people of all ages and skill levels too.

*Superior Climbing Rock wall panels are 4’ x 4’ and are combined to create 4’ x 8’ sections.

Standard Walls

A Standard Wall feature a granite-like look and feel. Each 4’ x 8’ panel comes with 20 patented Hand Holds and 66 preset placement options. A 10’ high version and a Fire Retardant upgrade are also available.

Adaptive Walls

Our adaptive playground rock climbing wall, with its companion Activity Guide, can help instructors effectively include youth with special needs in their climbing program. The smoothDry-Erase and magnet accepting surface is ready for use. The grab-bar style hand holds and ledge-style foot holds also provide stability and extra support.

These commercial playground climbing rock wall panels come in 6’ and 8’. The Adaptive Climbing Wall is ideal for:

  • Adapted or Inclusive Physical Education
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy

Benefits of Adaptive Playground Rock Climbing Wall Equipments include:

  • Provide opportunities for patients of all ages to develop balance, body awareness, muscle strength, and motor planning.
  • Provide proprioceptive input to improve sensory integration.

Pool Climbing Wall or Aquatic Climbing Wall

Pool Climbing Wall or Aquatic Climbing Wall will add adventure to your aquatic area.  Our poolside climbing wall, Kersplash™, is suited for indoor or outdoor use and is available in two panel styles. Additional benefits to this playground climbing rock wall panel include:

  • Kersplash™ Crystal Clear™ complements any aquatic center and offers visibility to areas behind the wall.
  • Kersplash™ Color makes a bold visual statement with brightly colored panels.
  • Both styles are made from UV- and chlorine-resistant materials and feature red, yellow, and orange Hand Holds.
  • The Kersplash™ frame is constructed of high-quality, 100% stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion.

Top Rope Playground Climbing Wall

Our Top Rope Climbing Wall is vertical and requires a harness with a safety rope that anchors at the top. This type of playground climbing rock wall panel is best suited for adolescent to adult climbers since a partner (belayer) is responsible to manage the climber’s safety rope. Top Rope Climbing Wall Equipments provide plenty of opportunities for building climbing skills, positive risk taking, as well as team and trust building.

Special equipment and training are required for this type of climbing wall and are included in Everlast Climbing’s package. KorKat partners directly with our climbing wall team to assure expert design, assembly, installation, and maintenance support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of building an indoor climbing wall?

The average cost of building an indoor climbing wall depends on a variety of things including where it will go, how tall it will be, how long it will be, what surface it will have, etc. Contact us so we can create a quote for you.

Is indoor rock climbing safe?

Yes, indoor rock climbing is safe, but just like any activity, rock climbing can pose a risk. At KorKat, we greatly value safety and do our best to ensure that climbing is as risk-free of an activity as possible. We offer a line of safety surfacing which help ensure safety for all climbers.

What do you need for indoor climbing?

Somethings you might need for indoor climbing will depend on what type of wall you purchase. For example, you may need ropes and harnesses if you purchase one of our Top Rope Walls, where you will not need those if you purchase one of our Traverse Walls®. Contact us to find out what you will specifically need for indoor climbing.

How tall is an indoor climbing wall?

Depending on whether you purchase a Traverse Wall®, Top Rope Climbing Wall, or any of our other walls, height will vary. Our Top Rope Walls are typically as tall as specified by you in order to fit your facility. Our Traverse Walls are 8’ or 10’ high.

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