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KORKAT’s recycled playground equipment include commercial playgrounds made from recycled materials

Have you recycled anything lately? You just might be helping us to reimagine play! Our recycled playgrounds are made from reclaimed post-consumer plastic products such as milk jugs. Approximately 95% of our recycled play park equipment is made from recycled materials, with posts and decks being 100%. So go ahead and keep recycling. For every 8 milk containers you recycle, we can create 1 pound of plastic lumber to help children like yours play!

Why You Should Opt for Recycled Playground Equipment 

When looking for playground equipment, most companies and individuals will look for new items to add to their playground. However, an increasing trend in the industry is to opt for recycled playground equipment. 

 If that’s not what you’re doing yet, these compelling benefits may just change your mind: 

  •  Cost-effective – Recycled playground equipment is often more budget-friendly than its alternative simply because the items are made using existing and quality plastics. This really cuts down on the cost of manufacturing, which means the equipment often retails for a fraction of the price you would normally see for non-recycled items. And because your upfront costs are lower, it means you can purchase more equipment to add to your playground. 


  • No loss in quality – Recycled playground equipment does not mean low quality. Not all plastics are created equal, and to make these recycled items, manufacturers will only use quality plastics that rise up to all your expectations for safety. 


  • Sustainable – The world is much more aware of how human activity often takes a toll on the environment. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, recycled playground equipment is a great way to get you started. The process itself uses fewer resources like energy to create the equipment. Not only that, but by opting for recycled items, you ensure the source material doesn’t end up in a landfill somewhere. 


KORKAT’s Recycled Playground Equipment 


KORKAT provides quality and affordable playground equipment made from recycled materials, giving you all the benefits, you need to create your park. 


Contact us today and tell us more about your play park equipment needs. 


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