Engineered Wood Fiber Mulch

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While there are many different playground surfacing options, engineered wood fiber is commonly used because it’s cost-effective, natural-looking, and accessible to people with disabilities.

Benefits of using engineered wood fiber for playground surfacing include:

  • EWF playground surfacing is porous and easily absorbs water. Therefore, there’s little concern about slipping due to the playground surfaces’ ability to dry.
  • The material used for this type of playground is unlikely to splinter since the Woodcarpet Engineered Wood Fiber comes from the inner part of the tree.
  • Engineered wood fiber’s ability to compress makes the surface smooth enough for people with wheelchairs to use safely.
  • The natural look of EWF playground surfacing is appealing.
  • The cost to install engineered wood fiber in a playground is relatively low compared to other materials.
  • KORKAT’s engineered wood fiber mulch has been rated safe for fall heights up to 8’.
Engineered Wood Fiber Mulch

Other facts about engineered wood fiber to consider include:

  • Engineered wood fiber mulch consists of hardwood blends that are no larger than 2’. They are also free of hazardous substances.
  • Regular maintenance, including raking and cleaning of any debris that can be buried underneath the surface, is required.
  • The engineered wood fibers are installed to a compacted depth of 9” (usually starting with an installed depth of 12”), EWF playground surfacing also requires a border system to maintain proper depth throughout the area.
  • Typical installation costs range from $1.65 – $2.00 per square foot.
  • Due to decomposition, regular upkeep (usually every two years) is required.
  • 15/25 year warranty is provided for EWF playground surfacing. However, since it’s low in cost, requires very little maintenance, safe, and accessible for people with disabilities, it’s the most popular option for playground surfacing materials in many parts of the country.

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