Outdoor Shade Tents and Commercial Shades for Sale

KORKAT is committed to enriching our communities and providing safe ways for kids to have fun outdoors.

By installing commercial solar window shades, playgrounds, and outdoor shelters, we can add immense value to communal spaces and promote an active lifestyle for all. If you’re looking to add some of this value to your park, community center, or school, KORKAT is ready and equipped to provide the solution. We offer outdoor shade tents for sale that provide unique, durable, and attractive commercial shades, sails, canopies, and more to help you create the right environment.

What Are the Benefits of Shade Structures?

Our commercial solar window shades and shelters offer more than one benefit to your space:

  • A little on the nose, perhaps, but our shades provide ample shade to promote hours of safe outdoor enjoyment without the risk of sunburns or heat-related issues. You don’t have to have a playground, either – our cantilever structures are perfect for protecting vehicles from harsh, direct sunlight which can deteriorate paint over time.
  • Our for-sale outdoor shade tents will add a shade, sail, or canopy can do more than just protect against sunlight. The addition of branding or simply placing a shade strategically can help to define your space and your business at the same time it is providing a useful service.
  • Large shades can also help you protect the investment you’ve made in quality our commercial play equipment by adding a barrier against harmful UV damage or harsh winter weather.

Outdoor Shade Tents For Sale

What Commercial Shades Are Available?

  • Hip roof structures provide shade for pools, seating areas, playgrounds, and more and can be ordered in numerous different shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs.
  • If you have a large playground or simply a lot of sunlight, crescent shades can be used to shade specific areas of your play structure without the look of a whole roof.
  • If posts are a concern, cantilever shades can extend vertically to provide protection and are a great option for parking lots, car dealerships, and more.
  • Sails offer the perfect blend of performance and appearance with sweeping fabrics and stretched corners making them look both modern and stylish in any outdoor location.

How to Choose the Right Shade Structures?

When deciding on shade solutions for your outdoor space, consider how it will be used. Cantilever shades work best in areas that need to remain open underneath without posts or columns to hold them up. Sails and crescents can help you add shade and protection to specific areas that may be smaller, whereas hip roof structures can span across more expansive stretches. In any case, you should focus on both durability and design like what we offer on our for-sale outdoor shade tents.

  • Choosing a shade that is built to last will ultimately be a worthy investment and offer better protection for whatever or whoever is underneath.
  • The color and style of your shade can help you tie areas together and create beautiful outdoor spaces that beg to be enjoyed.

Why Choose KORKAT for Outdoor Shelters?

Since 2003, KORKAT has been one of the largest distributors of commercial solar window shades & playground equipment in the southeast and we are a leading company here in Georgia. We design our products around families and consider the motivations that humans have to enjoy time spent outdoors. Our focus is on safety, and by utilizing high-quality materials, we are able to create structures that perform beyond expectations and will last for many years. We handle everything from planning, to design, to installation, to inspections, and we are constantly trying to improve our offering to suit the changing needs of the industries we work with. Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor shade tents for sale and start planning shade structures for your business.

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