Angelfish (Toddler)


What better place for your little angels to play than the Angelfish? Your children will never get bored with this themed toddler playset!

  • Use Zone: 24’2″ x 20’2″
  • Age Group: Toddler (18-36 Months)


The Angelfish is bursting with tactile and visual stimulation on every side! This playground is designed to inspire a love of science as children observe their surroundings, both real and make-believe! Toddlers can use the Bubble and Window panels to pretend they are on a submarine studying sea life as their friends steer with the realistic Captains Wheel. Don’t worry, the Angelfish will keep their bodies as active as their minds so they’ll burn off all that youthful energy! Kids can swim up the Tot Grab Scrambler and slide down the Single Toddler Slide over and over again, and their friends of all abilities can join in the fun with the ADA Transfer Deck. This playset has enough to entertain your whole school of little Angelfish!

It features:

  • Bubble Panel
  • Peek-a-boo Panel
  • Window Panel
  • Little Captains Wheel / Photo Mirror Panel
  • Solar Burst Panel
  • Tot Grab Scrambler with Handles
  • Oval Gears Panel
  • Chime Panel
  • Single Toddler Slide with Hood
  • ADA Transfer Deck with Handles

Product Specifications

Weight1469 lbs
Dimensions146 × 98 × 94 in
AssemblyInstallation Required
Age GroupToddler (18-36 Months)
Safety Zone24’2″x20’2″