Smiles Buddy Bench B6WBPERF-SMILES


Our Smiles Buddy Bench is a great addition to your playground. The buddy bench is a great way to encourage positive social behavior and help children feel more connected to their peers.

B6WBPERFP-SMILESPortable$ 1,130
B6WBPERFSM-SMILESSurface Mount$ 1,130
B6WBPERFS-SMILESIn-Ground Mount$ 1,130
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A buddy bench is a simple but effective idea that is becoming increasingly popular in schools around the world. Essentially, it is a bench that is placed in a school playground or other public area, with the purpose of promoting friendship and inclusivity. With our Smiles Buddy Bench, we combine our perforated look with round edges for a frame style with a soft, inviting appeal. The Smiles design includes the phrase “Buddy Bench” sandwiched by two smiley faces. This design can be applied to most of our benches in the Essentials Collection.


  • Perforated Metal Design
  • 2 3/8″ Powder Coated Frame
  • 10″ Seat Width
  • 6′ and 8′ Lengths
  • Textured Polyethylene Seat and Seat Back
  • Surface, In-Ground Mount, or Portable