B6WBPERF – Standard Buddy Bench


B6WBPERFP-BB Portable $ 1,185
B6WBPERFSM-BB Surface Mount $ 1,185
B6WBPERFS-BB In-Ground Mount $ 1,185
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“All Smiles” Buddy Bench. A Buddy Bench is a bench that is placed on a playground allowing children that are feeling lonely or bored to be approached by other children to be included in play or friendly discussions. The concept was brought to like in 2013 by a first grader in Pennsylvania named Christian whose family was going to be moving overseas. While researching schools, he came across a picture of this ?special bench? and decided to work with his school to have a special bench of their own as he know of many kids that were in need of a friend at this school playground. See video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3RlHIo7-D8 If you are feeling sad, lonely or blue, the best thing that you can do is takes a seat on the Buddy Bench where a friend will come and play with you! We have many options in style, color and mountings to choose from to make your Buddy Bench one-of-a-kind!

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