Bike Depot Shelter


  • Multiple configurations with different capacities
  • The Bike Depot accommodates nearly all commercial grade bike parking systems
  • The Bike Depot’s modular design makes it easy to expand
  • Optional cage
  • Optional Solar Security Lighting
  • Surface Mount Only–Corrugated metal roof–Racks NOT included
Mounty & TypePrice
Starter Unit$ 7,984
Add-on Unit$ 5,064
Side Panels (set)$ 4,626
Rear Panels$ 3,464
Front Panels$ 5,333
Locking Doors$ 7,689
Bike File$ 2,852

Product Spec Sheet

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Whether the project is at a transit station, university campus, or residential building, the Bike Depot’s modular design lets customers easily build out to meet their space requirements. They also have the option to fully enclose the Bike Depot with heavy-duty wire mesh and double doors to create the perfect, long-term bike station, or keep it open for public accessible, short-term parking.

Optional Cage

Optional Solar Security Lighting