Cordless Mat Locking® System – Climbing Mats


Provides safety surfacing and prevents the unauthorized use of your Traverse Wall®. Some facilities are required to use mats that meet certain Fire Retardant properties. Please inquire about our Fire Retardant Mats for more information and check with your local authority on fire prevention.
Item NumberThicknessSizePrice
2CRDLS6x42”6’x4′$ 429
2CRDLS6x202”6’x20′$ 2,145
2CRDLS6x402”6’x40′$ 4,290
3CRDLS6x43”6’x4′$ 529
3CRDLS6x203”6’x20′$ 2,645
3CRDLS6x403”6’x40’$ 5,290
Mat Custom Color (per 4’ section) MATCCC$ 46
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Provide a comfortable landing surface and prevent the unauthorized use of your climbing wall with the easy-to-use Cordless Mat Locking® System. To “close” the climbing wall, simply push mats against the climbing wall and hang the nylon webbing loops on the specially-designed holds. Next, push the red security latch up and lock by turning the security bolt. Mats fasten to each other and attach to the base of the wall with nylon tabs. Our “No Climbing” decal is printed on one side to further show that the climbing wall is closed. Traverse wall mats and top rope mats are available.

Our Standard Climbing Mats are available in two thicknesses:
  • 2″ Standard Safety Mats: 2″ of polyethylene foam is enclosed in an 18-oz. polyester-reinforced vinyl covering.
  • 3″ Premium Safety Mats: With 3″ of polyethylene foam enclosed in an 18-oz. polyester-reinforced vinyl covering, these mats provide an extra inch of landing surface. These industry-leading mats have been tested and meet ASTM Standard F1292-04 (with a critical height of 8′ at an ambient temperature of 66° F).

The Mat Locking® System includes specially-designed Mat Locking® Hand Holds, mounting hardware, locking tool and installation instructions. 4′ x 6′ sections are available in red or blue. Custom colors and sizes are available for an additional cost.  Installation required.