Discovery Center Seedling with Roof


  • Age Group: 6-23 Months
  • Capacity: 8-10
  • Use Zone: 13’7″ x 13’5″
  • Fall Height: 1′ 10″
  • Available in Natural or Playful
    • Natural Color Scheme – DC-SEEDR-N
    • Playful Color Scheme – DC-SEEDR


  • DC‐SEEDR/02‐08‐0166 Seedling, w/roof
    • w/anchor bolt
  • DC‐SEEDR‐N/02‐08‐0166 Seedling, w/roof (natural)
    • w/anchor bolt
  • DC‐SEEDR/02‐08‐0167 Seedling, w/roof
    • w/Ground spike
  • DC‐SEEDR‐N/02‐08‐0167 Seedling, w/roof (natural)
    • w/Ground spike
  • 02‐08‐0168 Seedling In Ground Package
    • $367


Our top-selling Discovery Center unit is now offered in a Natural color palette! This two-deck structure features a multitude of activities for the youngest 6-month old to the busiest 23-month old, while offering nature inspired detail with these new colors! Children will stay active with their friends as they engage with the interactive components. The Window Panel allows children to peek at their friends below while the Rain Wheel and Gear Panel offer learning opportunities about cause and effect as they realize the sounds they can make with a simple spin. The entryway of the structure also features handrails so children can enjoy an easy transition to the first deck.