Dragonfly (Infant)


  • Series: New Products, Infant Playgrounds
  • Ages: 6 – 23 months
  • Weight: 807
  • Recycled: Yes
  • Jugs: 3729
  • Safety Zone: 12′ X 13′
  • Product Dimension: 5′ X 6’6″


The Dragonfly infant outdoor playset is sized perfectly for children aged 6 months to 23 months. The Cheesy Stepper, reminiscent of Swiss cheese, provides easy access to the deck. At the top, cutouts in the side panel introduce geometric shapes and supply plenty of viewports.

Movable knobs and dials on our gauges panel will fascinate youngsters as they build their coordination. On the reverse side of the gauges is a beautiful photo panel featuring the inspiration for which the set is named.

Our propriety version of the playground slide has a lightly textured surface, just enough to add a measure of safety. It’s still plenty slick enough for some serious sliding though.