Freenotes Starter Ensemble


  • This collection Includes:
    • Drums
    • Yantzee
    • Duet
  • NO Substitutions for this price saving package. 
Starter Ensemble IG-REC Recycled In-Ground $13,699
Starter Ensemble IG-STL Steel In-Ground $15,289
Starter Ensemble SM-REC Recycled Surface $14,699
Starter Ensemble SM-STL Steel Surface $15,869
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This collection is the perfect starter ensemble of sounds for your music park or space. Percussion sounds on the drums are fun for all, the soprano/alto sounds of both the bright sounding aluminum keys and the wood like sounds of the fiberglass keys on the Duet add versatility.  All rounded out with the beautiful bass tones from the Yantzee.  Adding to this ensemble when budget allows is easy; with so many choices that will add to the delights, everyone will have to play together.