Freenotes Weenotes Ensemble


  • This collection Includes:
    • Merry
    • Piper
    • Griffin
  • NO Substitutions for this price saving package. 
Weenotes Ensemble IG-REC Recycled In-Ground  $10,259
Weenotes Ensemble IG-STL Steel In-Ground  $12,799
Weenotes Ensemble SM-REC Recycled Surface Mount  $10,699
Weenotes Ensemble SM-STL Steel Surface Mount  $12,999
Weenotes Ensemble PM-REC Recycled Portable  $11,239
Weenotes Ensemble PM-STL Steel Portable  $13,969
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They occupy less space and they require less budget too, making them attractive on many levels.  Stands come in two sizes either standard or preschool. Surprisingly delightful, these interactive art sculptures work as educational tools to challenge the imagination by stimulating creativity.  Freenotes instruments make it possible for everyone to create beautiful music. This ensemble includes all three Weenotes, the Merry, Piper and Griffin.