Hi Roller


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Hi Roller 2HIngroundParks 4 Bikes$ 625
SurfaceParks 4 Bikes$ 757
Hi Roller 3HIngroundParks 5 Bikes$ 822
SurfaceParks 5 Bikes$ 952
Hi Roller 4HIngroundParks 6 Bikes$ 979
SurfaceParks 6 Bikes$ 1,114
Hi Roller 5HIngroundParks 7 Bikes$ 1,382
SurfaceParks 7 Bikes$ 1,520

Product Spec Sheet

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Support Your Bikes

The Hi Roller puts a unique twist on a familiar design. By adding an extra bend to a rolling-style rack, the Hi Roller provides a much greater degree of bicycle support than its purely vertical counterpart. The Hi Roller can be ordered for in-ground or foot mounted installation. This rack uses thick pipe construction and allows for one of the wheels and frame to be secured using a u-style bike lock.

Just Your Size

The Hi Roller is available in various lengths to meet your bike capacity needs.