Hoop Rack


  • Request pricing for stainless steel
  • All rails are galvanized
Mounty & TypeCapacityPriceDetail
Inground MountParks 2 Bikes$ 170
Surface MountParks 2 Bikes$ 176
Inground Mount with Lean BarParks 2 Bikes$ 238
Surface Mount with Lean BarParks 2 Bikes$ 242
3 Hoop Rail MountParks 6 Bikes$ 7811
4 Hoop Rail MountParks 8 Bikes$ 1,101
5 Hoop Rail MountParks 10 Bikes$ 1,397
6 Hoop Rail MountParks 12 Bikes$ 1,751

Product Spec Sheet

Planning to accommodate e-bikes?

Be sure to check out our handy reference sheet for recommendations on providing outlets for charging at the racks.

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Simple Security

The Hoop Rack is a proven design that provides high security and easy bike parking. The Hoop Rack uses thick pipe construction and the full radius of the bend makes the Hoop an attractive and functional bike rack. This bike rack can also be put on rails for mobility and is popular in bike corrals.