MathMagic Sandbox


This sandbox features “X” and “Y” coordinates to allow children to locate buried materials using a grid formula. Children will experience real mathematical and archaeological processes.

  • Ages: 2-5, 5-12
Item #SizePrice
RECF0074XX6’$ 2,309
RECF0075XX8’$ 3,167
RECF0076XX10’$ 3,619

Standard Sandbox sizes available without MathMagic grid:

Item #SizePrice
RECF0058XX6’$ 1,711
RECF0059XX8’$ 2,363
RECF0060XX10’$ 2,669
RECF0061XX12’$ 3,422


The MathMagic Sandbox is a great way to combine learning and play.  The sides serve as a seat and a conceptual math tool. Locate objects using grid quadrants in this 8′ sandbox!