Pin Bike Rack


The Pin Rack is a secure bicycle rack, providing a parking option that is ideal for libraries, offices, storefronts, parks, and other public places of importance. Inspired by the style of the pin you see on a map, the lean bar of this commercial bike rack can include a design that works as an advertisement for your location!

Available Galvanized (G) or Powder Coated (P) as surface mount with a 2 bike capacity.

Item Number


Powder Coated

PIN-2-SF$ 399$ 399
PIN-RING-2-SF$ 499$ 499
PIN-BIKE-2-SF$ 499$ 499
PIN-COFF-2-SF$ 499$ 499
PIN-DOG-2-SF$ 499$ 499
PIN-HOSP-2-SF$ 499$ 499
PIN-REST-2-SF$ 499$ 499
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Available in a galvanized or powder coat finish.


Height – 35 5/32″
Width – 25 9/16″

Mounting Options

Surface Mounted or In Ground