• 11 note resonated marimba
  • Aluminum resonators
  • Fiberglass bars
  • 2 mallets
PIPR-IG-RECRecycled Inground Mount$3,569
PIPR-IG-STLSteel Inground Mount$4,509
PIPR-SM-RECRecycled Surface Mount$3,809
PIPR-SM-STLSteel Surface Mount$4,509
PIPR-PM-RECRecycled Portable Mount$3,929
PIPR-PM-STLPortable Mount$4,879


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Piper – NEW! We have recently updated the PIPER to include two embedded slots that securely hold mallets, keeping them off the ground and readily accessible for musical playing. These new versions will be shipping immediately. The Piper is a great instrument to play improvisational rhythms, with sounds reminiscent of the islands with higher tones than the Cadence.  This instrument features fiberglass bars providing a contrast in tone to its sister, the Merry. The color is Brown. 


Standard Replacement Mallets

RPLC-MA-80BLK-30Standard Mallet, Black 80A w/30″ Cable and Hardware (19″ Finished Cable Length)$109

Inclusive Replacement Mallets

RPLC-MA-80INC-30Inclusive Mallet, Black 80A w/30″ Cable and Hardware (19″ Finished Cable Length)$125


  • Marimba
  • Earthy/ Percussive
  • 11 Notes
  • Coated Fiberglass
  • Resonated: Yes
  • Key/Scale: C Major Pentatonic
  • Range: Alto/Soprano
  • 2 Black Mallets Included