Play Spheres


  • Ages: 2-5, 5-12
Style Size Item Number Price
Half 14” TFR0704XX $ 601
20” TFR0706XX $ 878
28” TFR0708XX $ 1,433
Full 14” TFR0705XX $ 842
20” TFR0707XX $ 1,405
28” TFR0709XX $ 2,514
Mount Kit In-ground TFR0716XX $ 49
Surface TFR0717XX $ 204


Our rubber playground spheres are designed for innovative outdoor spaces. The rubber spheres are available in full sizes and half sizes, perfect for children to use for walking and climbing. Unique playground design can have an impact on a child’s development. Using a variety of different playground accessories — like our rubber playground spheres — can potentially encourage imaginative play and help sharpen certain skills in children

Our rubber playground spheres use pigmented buffings with organic powder color coating methods that will not delaminate over time. These rubber spheres are sealed with specially formulated polymer agent that bonds pigments into the rubber.

If you already have a specific color theme picked out for your playground, Rubber Designs uses EPDM granules to create unique color options from bright solids to special blends. Some specialty colors may require a longer lead time.

Available in 14″, 20″, and 28″ Full and Half Sizes