Pro Fitness Package


Pro Package includes:

  • 1 Apollo Multigym
  • 2 Everest Cardio Climbers
  • 1 Flex Multi-Stretch
  • Offset Brackets for safety surfacing


  • 29’ x 28’ pad (812 sq/ft)
    • *sized for ASTM use and clearance zones
  • 8 simultaneous users
  • 39+ different exercises


  • Custom Color: $143
  • Add Logo(s) to Equipment: $36
  • Custom Instructional Placards: $143


The Pro Fitness Package includes equipment that offers strength, cardio, and flexibility, the three pillars of a complete workout.

With this package, feel confident knowing users can access resistance and bodyweight fitness equipment that they will see real exercise results from while also complying with the ASTM F3101-21a safety standard for outdoor fitness equipment.