Our PS3-71296 is a mid-sized playground that is packed full of play activities.

  • Age Group: 5–12 Years
  • Capacity: 45–50
  • Structure Size: 30′ x 23′
  • Use Zone: 45′ x 35′
  • Fall Height: 6′

Want this without shade?

  • PS3-71296-1


This playground has it all! Boasting four slides, four climbers, a Lily Pad Bridge, and lots of play activities, this playground is designed for children ages 5-12 and would make a perfect addition to schools, parks, and even apartment complexes. What’s more, this playground features a 14′ x 14′ Quad Sail Shade to provide shade to half of the playground. Would you like this playground without a shade? We have that, too! Ask your design representative about our PS3-71296-1.