Raised Garden Bed


SizeItem NumberPrice
4’x2’x1’PE-XNAG-BED-04a$ 341
ADA 4’x2’x2’PE-XNAG-BAO-04a$ 731
Add Ons
Square Foot Gardening Collapsible GridPE-XNAG-CGG-XXa$ 193
Gardening Kit
Square Foot Gardening KitPE-XNAG-SFK-XXa$ 895
Includes: 1 Raised Garden Bed, Moisture Meeter, 20 Pack Seeds, Book, Collapsible Grid


Want to reconnect young children with nature? Try this Raised Garden Bed sized for young ones to get their hands messy and learn about growing veggies, flowers, or just what dirt feels like!

Or try a Victory Garden while stuck at home during the COVID pandemic. Add a Square Foot Garden Collapsible Grid to make plant spacing easier.

Made from heavy-duty 1/2″ EcoPlastic and stainless steel hardware, perfect for outdoor applications. Available in two sizes and a multitude of colors.