Rectangle Hip Shade 8′ Eave Height


Surface mount, Glide Elbow with Wind Load Speeds of 105 MPH. Standard sizes are priced below; custom sizes available.

10×12RD101208SG$ 5,258
10×15RD101508SG$ 5,435
10×18RD101808SG$ 5,792
10×20RD102008SG$ 5,916
13×15RD131508SG$ 5,587
13×20RD132008SG$ 6,097
15×22RD152208SG$ 6,427
15×25RD152508SG$ 6,613
18×20RD182008SG$ 6,723
18×24RD182408SG$ 7,555
18×28RD182808SG$ 7,862
18×32RD183208SG$ 9,046
18×36RD183608SG$ 10,286
20×24RD202408SG$ 7,670
20×26RD202608SG$ 7,825
20×30RD203008SG$ 8,527
20×34RD203408SG$ 10,251
20×38RD203808SG$ 11,450
24×26RD242608SG$ 8,729
24×30RD243008SG$ 10,041
24×34RD243408SG$ 10,386
24×38RD243808SG$ 10,729
24×40RD244008SG$ 11,407
28×30RD283008SG$ 11,108
28×34RD283408SG$ 11,543
28×38RD283808SG$ 12,654

Subject to additional costs for engineered drawings or permitting.

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Our Rectangle Hip shade structures come with multiple fabric color choices so you can create the look that your facility deserves. We utilize a four-post steel frame with a shade canopy that is tensioned over a hip and ridge design. We have over 100 standard size variations of our rectangle hip shade with the option of creating custom sizes if needed. Whether you’re adding shade to a park, playground, or pool deck, the rectangle-shaped canopy is a great option.

Quick Highlights:

  • Available in Over 250 Standard Sizes (Custom Sizes Available)
  • 8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft. Standard Entry Heights (Custom Heights Available)
  • Surface or In-Ground Mount
  • With or Without Glide Elbow™ Up to 1,100 Square Foot
  • Available with Wind Load Speeds of 105 MPH with Canopy On
  • Traditional Shade Fabric

Stainless steel hardware and cables are available upon request and are subject to additional costs (recommended for coastal areas).