Recumbent Cycle UP215


The Recumbent Cycle provides a Cardiovascular endurance workout. Featuring ergonomic seat, handholds, and magnetic resistance rotation technology, users can comfortably pedal at their own speed. Designed for ages 13 and up.

  • Clearance Space: 9′-9 13/16″ x 11′-3 3/4″
  • Training Envelope: 3′-9 13/16″ x 5′-3 3/4″
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The Recumbent Cycle features a two part assembly which eliminates any cumbersome bar to step over.  The seat features a nylon seat and backrest which offer advanced user comfort and added handholds for added stability and support.  The magnetic cycling mechanism is housed securely for fluid pedal rotation. The encased housing allows easy access for maintenance or replacement of the cycling mechanism. The recumbent cycle provides a low-impact-aerobic workout for adults of all fitness levels. The slip resistant pedals provide a comfortable and confident exercise.  Meets ASTM standards for outdoor fitness equipment and is for ages 13 and up.
  • Powder coated steel
  • In-ground or surface mount installation
  • All stainless steel tamper proof hardware
  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • Slip resistant pedals
  • Instructional label
  • Cast aluminum housing
  • Magnetic resistance