• 15 note color coded chimes
  • 6 page song book
  • 2 mallets w/holders
  • Song Sheet Package sold separately 
SRND-IG-RECRecycled Inground Mount Kit$6,129
SRND-IG-STLSteel Inground Mount Kit$6,969
SRND-SM-RECRecycled Surface Mount Kit$6,409
SRND-SM-STLSteel Surface Mount Kit$6,969
SRND-PM-RECRecycled Portable Mount Kit$6,629
SRND-PM-STLSteel Portable Mount Kit$7,339
SRND-SHEET-PKG-1Additional Song Package 1$209


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Serenade an audience with the ability to play songs using the color-coded chimes and songbook. Learn to play in 2 different ways – by color or by the annotated notes on the instrument and in the book. The 15 chimes are diatonic and sound so sweet every note is pleasant. With a 6 songbook included this instrument is sure to be a favorite.


Standard Replacement Mallets

RPLC-MA-90GRY-30Standard Mallet, Grey 90A w/30″ Cable and Hardware (19″ Finished Cable Length)$109

Inclusive Replacement Mallets

RPLC-MA-90INC-30Inclusive Mallet, Grey 90A w/30″ Cable and Hardware (19″ Finished Cable Length)$125