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Outfitting your indoor playground or recreation center is never a walk in the park, especially with a myriad of low-grade recreational sets of equipment flooding the market. As you decide which indoor playground equipment will be perfect for your school, park, daycare, or recreation center, there is a lot to consider.

As the trusted manufacturer and supplier of children’s indoor playground equipment, we strive to offer superior and comprehensive services to cater to the diverse needs of our customers in Florida. Shop your favorite indoor play equipment at Korkat to offer the best experience possible

Indoor Playground Equipment Design Supply and Installation in Florida

At Korkat, the leading Indoor Playground Equipment Company in Florida, we strive to put a smile on the face of every child regardless of their age. We provide several products that are powered by imagination and creativity.

Over the years, we have created a line of impressive, multi-colored play equipment sets that provide a protective play environment, quality manufacturing, creative and innovative designs. All of these are developed according to industry standards to provide fun exploration for children of all ages.

We handle a wide range of playground projects for schools, public parks, recreation centers, daycares, and more. That being said, we can help you with budgeting, planning, installation, and maintenance of your indoor playground equipment.

Why Choose Korkat for Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment in Florida?

Korkat provides a full range of play systems with various theme elements, including murals and branding, custom materials, and conceptual themes. There are many reasons to trust Korkat with all your playground needs, including:

  • Environmentally friendly – We have a responsibility to create eco-friendly play structures. In fact, one hundred percent of our decks and posts and about 95 percent of our other products are developed using recycled plastics and post-consumer waste. For splash parks and waterslides, we use either re-circulation or drain-away systems depending on community regulations.
  • The qualified installation team – We work with highly skilled installation teams with many years of experience in the construction and equipment industries. We also have the necessary credentials you might be looking for as certified factory installers and certified playground safety inspectors.
  • Free site evaluation – We understand that our clients across Florida have different needs and that every site has its unique challenges. For that reason, our professional installers offer free site evaluation to ensure you get personalized playground equipment and services.
  • Prompt communication –Communication is the key to every relationship. We maintain professional communication with you throughout the project to ensure you get what you deserve. Similarly, we offer comprehensive installation and maintenance services to help you work within your initial budget.

Contact Us at Korkat to Start Planning for Your Project Todayy

At Korkat, we are professionals who strive to transform your indoor spaces into remarkable facilities that elevate the playing experience for every child in Florida. We’ll work with you from conception to completion to ensure we satisfy your needs and those of your child. So, what are you waiting for? Please call us today at 1-888-356-7528 or contact our virtual team to discuss your next playground equipment installation project.

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