Campus Rack


  • Request pricing for stainless steel
(Surface or Inground Mount)
S3Parks 3-5 Bikes$ 779
S4Parks 4-6 Bikes$ 859
S5Parks 5-7 Bikes$ 1,077
S6Parks 6-8 Bikes$ 1,224
D5Parks 5-7 Bikes$ 883
D7Parks 7-9 Bikes$ 1,192
D9Parks 9-11 Bikes$ 1,316
D11Parks 11-13 Bikes$ 1,472

Product Spec Sheet

Planning to accommodate e-bikes?

Be sure to check out our handy reference sheet for recommendations on providing outlets for charging at the racks.

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Orderly Bike Parking

The design of this bike rack supports the frame of the bike while keeping the fork from twisting. The result is convenient, orderly bike parking. The Campus Rack is available in single or double sided models in various lengths. The single sided model is ideal for sidewalk placement, while the double sided model staggers bikes opposite from each other for greater space efficiency. The Campus Rack will also accommodate scooters.