Double Nature Bowl


  • Without Lids – $1,618
    • PE-NNTE-DNB-33a-In – (20H), IN-GROUND
    • PE-NNTE-DNB-33a-Port- (20H), PORTABLE
    • PE-NNPE-DNB-33a-In – (24H), IN-GROUND
    • PE-NNPE-DNB-33a-Port – (24H), PORTABLE
  • With Lids – $2,353
    • PE-NNTE-DBL-33a-In – (20H), IN-GROUND
    • PE-NNTE-DBL-33a-Port – (20H), PORTABLE
    • PE-NNPE-DBL-33a-In – (24H), IN-GROUND
    • PE-NNPE-DBL-33a-Port – (24H), PORTABLE
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The Double Nature Bowls are double the fun of our popular Single Nature Bowl! Perfect for learning and playing: they can hold sand, water, dirt, terrariums, or display natural objects. The Double Nature Bowls can be ordered with or without the matching bubble-shaped lids. Drain holes and plugs are included. Extra room around the bowls accommodates activities and supplies.

Bowls measure 24” in diameter (33″ diameter to the outside of rim). Rim Heights (not including pumps or lids) are either 20″H or 24″H. Please specify when ordering.

Add up to two optional Pump/Stand/Reservoir combos to recirculate water from the reservoir back up to the bowls.

Available as either in-ground or portable installation.