Triple Water Trough (Straight)


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PE-NNPW-TTS-48b-InIn-groundNo$ 1,891
PE-NNPW-TTS-48b-PortPortableNo$ 2,162
PE-NNPW-TSR-48b-InIn-groundYes$ 3,012
PE-NNPW-TSR-48b-PortPortableYes$ 3,282
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Our unique water table features a connection for a garden hose allowing continuous water play. Water pours from one trough into another in our Triple Water Trough. Two adjustable dams in each waterway teach children about gravity and water flow. The stopper at the low end permits easy emptying. Drain the water into buckets for garden beds or planters, to teach children water conservation.

Available in 3 configurations – Straight, Zig-Zag or U-Shape. Add a Pump and Reservoir to make a self-contained system. Brings water into the play space, safely and without extra mess or fuss. No plumbing is required! All Triple Water Troughs are 35H.

Available in:

  • In-Ground
  • Portable
  • In-Ground Recirculating
  • Portable Recirculating