Double Spout and Splash


Item #HeightMount
Add OnsDescriptionPrice
PE-XNAE-BBL-33aBubble Lid$ 412
PE-XNAE-FPL-33aFlat Lid$ 223

PE-NXAW-PRS-XXaExtra Pump, Stand & Reservoir$ 1,119
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Double the fun of our popular Single Spout and Splash with Pump and Reservoir! The Double Spout and Splash with Pump and Reservoir is perfect for holding sand, water, dirt, terrariums, or displaying natural objects. Drain holes and plugs are included. Extra room around the bowls accommodates activities and supplies.

The 33 inch Bowl (24 inches inside diameter) with its own pump and reservoir is both fun and practical for outdoor play. Water is hand-pumped from the reservoir into the bowl. Then, the water returns to the reservoir by removing a rubber plug in the bottom of the bowl.

Kids will learn the mechanics of manually pumping the water themselves. And they can play all day in the water which is filtered and then recirculated with the next pump.

You can choose different installation options:

  • In-Ground
  • Portable
  • Wheeled Base

When you order be sure to ask about optional add-ons:

  • Domed Bubble Lids
  • Flat Plastic Lids
  • Extra Pump, Stand and Reservoir