Equilateral Sails


Our Triangle Sail encourages customers to get creative with the triangle shape and allows us to work together to create custom shade solutions that fit your space.

Surface mount with Wind Load Speeds of 105 MPH. Standard sizes are priced below; custom sizes available. Available with Traditional or Dual Color Fabric!

Item #Entry HeightSide ASide BSide CPrice
ES151515088151515$ 6,081
ES202020088202020$ 6,807
ES252525088252525$ 9,005
ES303030088303030$ 11,261
ES353535088353535$ 12,665
ES1515151010151515$ 6,525
ES2020201010202020$ 8,254
ES2525251010252525$ 11,300
ES3030301010303030$ 13,356
ES3535351010353535$ 15,817
ES1515151212151515$ 7,604
ES2020201212202020$ 9,551
ES2525251212252525$ 12,113
ES3030301212303030$ 14,282
ES3535351212353535$ 18,504
ES1515151414151515$ 9,356
ES2020201414202020$ 11,694
ES2525251414252525$ 14,432
ES3030301414303030$ 17,885
ES3535351414353535$ 19,789

Subject to additional costs for engineered drawings or permitting.

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Triangular sails are 3-sided shade canopies that attach to columns or wall brackets. This shade design is great for all spaces large or small. Triangular sails can provide shade to a variety of areas, from picnic areas to entire pools.

You can use one sail shade or create a custom design that uses many sails. Multi-sail designs incorporate many columns and attachment points. By using attachment points at different heights, you can create a beautiful architectural design for your outdoor space.

Shade sail sizes are limited to 50′ on the sail’s longest side when using our traditional fabric or 50′ x 50′ x 50′ if using our Dual Color shade fabric. Our Dual Color shade fabric combines two different colored yarns to create a two-tone fabric with an impressive shimmery effect.

Quick Highlights:

  • 8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft., 14 ft. Entry Heights
  • Surface or In-Ground Mount
  • Traditional or Dual Color Shade Fabric
  • Size Minimum: 10′
  • Size Maximum: 60′
  • 20-Year Warranty on Framework
  • 10-Year Warranty on Fabric

Dual Color Shade Fabric:

This product is available in our brand new Dual Color Shade Fabric. This fabric combines two unique colored fabric yarns to create a two-tone fabric with an impressive shimmery effect. A 10% price increase applies.

Stainless steel hardware and cables are available upon request and are subject to additional costs (recommended for coastal areas).

Shade fabric is cut after shade posts are installed to ensure accuracy requiring two install trips. Fabric can be installed with posts at the same time after a waiver is signed.