Fantasia (Infant)


  • Series: Infant Playgrounds
  • Ages: 6 – 23 months
  • Weight: 662
  • Recycled: Yes
  • Safety Zone: 14’8″ x 16’6″


Fantasia means “a musical composition of a free form, usually incorporating several familiar themes.” This beautiful little infant playground playset is the embodiment of free-form composition, blending familiar with fantasy in equal measure.

The Rocky Slope Climber might be familiar-looking, but the wavy side panels add a touch of whimsy. The Curvy Chute Scrambler provides gentle side-to-side turns instead of the usual straight bedway.

Even the footprint isn’t the typical square on this playset. There are loads of twists and turns to explore, with surprises around every corner. A marvelous mix of engraving and photo images decorate the solid panels. Youngsters can learn about animals as their fingers trace the designs.

Either of our interactive panels will delight and fascinate. The Gauge Panel features movable dials and knobs. The Gear Panel contains colorful moving gears, safely covered in clear polycarbonate to protect little fingers. With our realistic driving wheel, kids can pretend to drive the set around the world or into space, or wherever their imaginations take them!