Mud Kitchen Sink & Rack


The fun Mud Kitchen Sink & Rack has a drain so kids can use real water while they play. The sink drains into a tub beneath. The attached rack provides plenty of room to hang cookware or accessories. Available with or without rack. (Props not included.)

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Made from durable Recycled Structural Plastic and EcoColor recycled plastic. Mud Kitchen Appliances, Cabinets and Sinks provide year-round, outdoor learning experiences and do not require plumbing. Stainless steel hardware ensures years of service.

All kitchen components are available with tan* frames and your choice of any of our standard color doors and trim, if applicable. Create a color-coordinated Mud Kitchen by mixing components using our Color Palette.  Combine school colors or just choose your favorites!

Heavy Duty HDPE plastic lasts a lifetime. Attention to detail makes this the best Mud Kitchen sink on the market.

*Shade of tan may vary from the image shown.

Product Specifications (may vary based on your selection)

Weight80 lbs
Dimensions24 × 16 × 38 in
AssemblyAssembly Required
Age GroupToddler (18-36 Months), Preschool (2-5 Years)
ADA AccessibleADA Accessible
MaterialRSP (Recycled Structural Plastic), EcoColor Flat Plastic – recycled Post-Consumer HDPE (flat panels), Stainless Steel Hardware