Opal Bike Rack


Available Galvanized (G), Powder Coated (P), or Electro Polish Stainless Steel as in-ground (-IG) or surface mount (-SF). Please specify mount type.

Item NumberIn-GroundSurface
OPR-2-G$ 179$ 209
OPR-2-P$ 179$ 209
OPR-2-ES$ 469$ 519

Opal Spec Sheet


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The Opal™ bike rack will park your bikes safely and securely. The Opal™ offers bikes two distinct contact points, at front and rear, for secure locking. Each Opal™ bicylce racks can park two bikes. This rack is a simple yet modern twist on standard bike parking, and an excellent addition to any outdoor space where bike parking is needed.


The Opal Bike Rack is available in Galvanized, Powder Coated, or Electropolish Stainless


OPR-2 | 1-5/8″ tube | 28″ H*

*Height measurement is from grade to top of bike rack. See CAD files below for details

1 5/8″ Steel Tubing

316 Stainless Steel (-S16) is available. Please Call for Quote.