Parallel Bars 60019401XX


Older children and adults ages 13 and older can enjoy the Parallel Bars for building muscle strength.

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60019401XXParallel Bars$1,055
60019451XXInstructional Sign$683
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Older children and adults ages 13 and older will gain confidence and upper body strength from the Parallel Bars. This steel fitness element comes in your choice of powder-coat colors and is great for elementary school playgrounds or parks that have outdoor fitness stations. This simple piece of fitness equipment can be used for a variety of different activities.

Quick Highlights:

  • Ages: 13+
  • Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Instructional Sign Also Available (60019451XX)

This model is included in our 10 Station Traditional Fitness Course which includes:

  • Vertical Ladder
  • Beam Jump
  • Stretching Post
  • Pull Up and Chin Up Bars
  • Jump Touch Beam
  • Parallel Bars
  • Sit-Up Bench
  • Spring Up Bars
  • Horizontal Ladder
  • Balance Beam
  • 3 Large Instructional Signs