Looking for a park playground that packs a lot of punch? The PS3-71140-1 is loaded with play components that support physical play for children ages 5-12.

  • Age Group: 5–12 Years
  • Capacity: 58
  • Structure Size: 43′ x 28′
  • Use Zone: 55′ x 40′
  • Fall Height: 7′
  • ADA: Yes

Want this without a shade?

  • PS3-71140
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If you’re looking for a school playground that challenges upper body strength, balance, and coordination, consider our PS3-71140-1. This playground is packed with playground components that support physical play. This large playground features two Open Spiral Slides, our popular Pent Climber, tons of balance activities including our playground Balance Beam, Lily Pad Bridge, and Bouncy Bounce. What’s more, this playground features a large shade as well. Want this without a shade? Check out our PS3-71140.