Starter Fitness Package


Starter Fitness Package includes:

  • 1 Helios-NA Multigym
  • 1 Flex Multi-Stretch
  • Brackets for safety surfacing
  • 27’ x 24’ pad (648 sq/ft)
    • *sized for ASTM use and clearance zones
  • 5 simultaneous users
  • 29+ different exercises


  • Custom Color: $143
  • Add Logo(s) to Equipment: $36
  • Custom Instructional Placards: $143


The Starter Fitness Package is the lowest maintenance, lowest cost, and smallest square footage option.

Both products have no moving parts but offer dozens of different stretches and bodyweight exercises that target the entire body. This package complies with ASTM F3101-21a. Let the Starter Fitness Package be your start to real outdoor fitness.