Switchback Climber


ItemDescription (2-12)Item NumberPrice
ClimberAge Group: 2-12

Use Zone: 18’10” x 17’1”

L: 6’-10” x W: 5’-1” x H: 3’-0” 1,400 LBS

Switchback Climber10000318,912
Switchback Climber with Slide Attachment10000338,912
(add 200052 or 200053)
SlideSwitchback Slide Attachment w/90 Degree Slide2000528,659
Switchback Slide Attachment w/Straight Slide2000538,291



Manufactured to match its big brothers Ledge and Strato, the Switchback climber is designed to be an accessible climber – an industry first! The lowest platform conforms to transfer platforms guidelines. All four sides have various handholds and climbing surfaces varying in climbing difficulty.

The only way to make the Switchback Rock Climber cooler is by attaching a slide. The Switchback also accepts 3’ slides, so reward the little ones that reach the summit! As young explorers reach the peak of this popular rock climber they will be rewarded with a quick slide to base camp! Different styles and configurations available.