Triple Water Trough (Zigzag)


  • In-Ground – PE-NNPW-TTZ-48b-In
    • $1,801
  • Portable – PE-NNPW-TTZ-48b-Port
    • $2,059
  • In-Ground Recirculating – PE-NNPW-TZR-48b-In
    • $2,868
  • Portable Recirculating – PE-NNPW-TZR-48b-Port
    • $3,126
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Our exclusive recirculating water table is eco-friendly, recycling water instead of using a hose source. Water is hand-pumped from the reservoir into the top trough and pours over low dams from one trough to another. Drain stopper at the low end. Water returns to the reservoir from the lowest trough via tubing. Reservoir easily drains with drain valve. Available in 3 configurations – Straight, Zigzag or U-Shape. Saves water and amplifies fun! Add a Butterfly Pod to give younger children a boost.

May be purchased for use with a garden hose if you prefer that option.

Available in:

  • In-Ground
  • Portable
  • In-Ground Recirculating
  • Portable Recirculating