Vertical Ladder 60019402XX


The Vertical Ladder makes a great addition to any outdoor gym. Users will test their coordination as they climb.

Item #DescriptionPrice
60019402XXVertical Ladder$1,304
60019452XXInstructional Sign$683


What outdoor gym would be complete without a vertical ladder? Whether you’re adding it to a school, park, community center or another location, this vertical ladder invites people to stretch, climb and move in new ways. It’s one of the many playground components we offer that are designed to support and encourage outdoor physical fitness. Made from the best-quality materials, each ladder is created to last and withstand the elements. Add it to your outdoor fitness area to enhance the ways people can work out at your location with confidence.

Quick Highlights:

  • Weight 150 lbs
  • Add-on instructional sign available
  • Your choice of powder coat color

This model is included in our 10 Station Traditional Fitness Course which includes:

  • Vertical Ladder
  • Beam Jump
  • Stretching Post
  • Pull Up and Chin Up Bars
  • Jump Touch Beam
  • Parallel Bars
  • Sit-Up Bench
  • Spring Up Bars
  • Horizontal Ladder
  • Balance Beam
  • 3 Large Instructional Signs