Item #RoofLayoutPrice
PE-NNPW-MNC-XXaNoCompact$ 5,096
PE-NNPW-MNL-XXaNoLinear$ 5,096
PE-NNPW-MRC-XXaYesCompact$ 6,950
PE-NNPW-MRL-XXaYesLinear$ 6,950
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Our Watermill is a completely recirculating water wheel system with kid-powered wheel and pump. It will foster cooperation—the wheel can be turned in opposite directions to drain into two different water bowls. No electronics, no plumbing are needed. This playground water piece is a completely self-contained system with filter on hoses and drain-plugs in water bowls for easy clean-out.

The Watermill includes 3 Water Bowls, Pump & Reservoir. Available with or without a roof. Two configurations: Compact or Linear.

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