Single Water Trough


Item #MountRecircPrice
PE-NNPW-SWT-48b-InIn-groundNo$ 895
PE-NNPW-SWT-48b-PortPortableNo$ 1,031
PE-NNPW-STR-48b-InIn-groundYes$ 1,667
PE-NNPW-STR-48b-PortPortableYes$ 1,803
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Our Single Water Trough brings water play to the playground. A single waterway with a connection for a garden hose allows continuous water play. Removable plates let kids create multiple sections for different activities. The stopper at the low end controls the depth and prevents overflow. Drain the water into buckets for garden beds or planters to teach children water conservation.

Also available as a recirculating unit with a reservoir.  Keep the water clean with an easily replaceable filter.

Available Options:

  • In-Ground
  • Portable
  • In-Ground Recirculating
  • Portable Recirculating