4′ Wide Paint & Magnetic Chalkboard / Dry Erase Combo


We are excited to introduce the Nature of Early Play Paint and Chalkboard / Dry Erase Combo Panel set!   This outdoor play equipment includes a multi-surface artist’s canvas that actually stands up to outdoor use!

Item #MountPrice
PE-NNPA-PCE-48a-INIn-ground$ 1,891
PE-NNPA-PCE-48a-PortPortable$ 1,818


The chalkboard side is SureGrip™ coated steel, so it is magnetic, in addition to being an easy-to-chalk-on surface. The dry erase board on the reverse side is gloss coated steel.  Besides being very vandal resistant, they can be cleaned easily with just water. The paint panel side is tough polycarbonate, also easily washable. There is a tray on each side of the panels to hold art supplies, brushes, chalk, etc.

The Paint and Magnetic Chalkboard / Dry Erase Combo panels are available as an in-ground (no base plates) play piece or a portable (with base plates) version can be ordered. The portable base is recommended for indoor or wind-protected outdoor use. Each panel is 4 feet wide x 49 inches high.

Our equipment is meant to be enjoyed in the great outdoors in all seasons, but remember to handle with care! Polycarbonate does require gentle cleaning. Abrasive cleaners or scouring pads will cause scratches that can make the panel look cloudy. To keep your equipment looking new, avoid using rough scrubbers! They can cause permanent damage that is not covered under warranty.