Circa Bike Rack


Mounting Options

  • In Ground or Surface Mounted


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The Circa 2000™ will park bikes safely and securely. The concentric design of the Circa™ bike rack helps guide bikes into place while spacing them safely apart. Once in place, the Circa 2000™ bicycle rack offers bikes two distinct contact points, at front and rear, for secure bike locking. The Circa 2000™ bike rack is designed to last.


The Circa 2000™ is available in galvanized, any of our 16 standard powder coat colors, and stainless steel finish.


CIR-2 | 2-Bikes | 1-7/8″ tube | 35″ H x 19″ L

CIR-4 | 4-Bikes | 1-7/8″ tube | 35″ H x 46″ L

CIR-6 | 6-Bikes | 1-7/8″ tube | 35″ H x 77″ L

CIR-8 | 8-Bikes | 1-7/8″ tube | 35″ H x 109″ L

*Height measurement is from grade to top of bike rack. See CAD files below for details