Freenotes Premium Ensemble


  • This collection Includes:
    • Tuned Drums
    • Contrabass Chimes
    • Imbarimba
    • Swirl
    • Pegasus
  • NO Substitutions for this price saving package. 
Premium Ensemble IG-RECRecycled In-Ground$29,009
Premium Ensemble IG-STLSteel In-Ground$31,549
Premium Ensemble SM-STLSteel Surface Mount$32,699
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Everyone can play Freenotes regardless of musical training and anyone can step right into improvisational play, solo or in a group. This collection of five real musical instruments delivers maximum pitch range with texture and pure distinct tones that blend into soothing sounds.  This collection includes Contrabass ChimesSwirl in Orange, Imbarimba in Yellow, Pegasus in Green and the Tuned Drums. Drums are available in either Rainbow or Green bases with one of 2 color molded drum caps: Moss or Taupe.