Gateway Recycled Bench with Back


Made with 2″ x 4″ recycled plastic resinwood slats and an ornate powder coated cast aluminum frame, our Gateway Recycled Bench with Back is popular among landscape architects — and for a good reason!

Item #LengthColorPrice
B4WBGW-RC-BRN4’Brown$ 1,736
B4WBGW-RC-CDR4’Cedar$ 1,736
B4WBGW-RC-GRN4’Green$ 1,736
B4WBGW-RC-GRY4’Gray$ 1,736
B6WBGW-RC-BRN6’Brown$ 1,823
B6WBGW-RC-BRN6’Cedar$ 1,823
B6WBGW-RC-GRN6’Green$ 1,823
B6WBGW-RC-GRY6’Gray$ 1,823


This outdoor recycled bench is made with the highest quality materials making it a great choice for those wanting the natural and earth-friendly look of wood without the unwanted maintenance of real wood. The industry favorite Gateway Recycled Bench with Back is available in your choice of planking and frame powder coat color. Choose between a 4′ or 6′ bench. The Gateway Bench collection is also available in a backless and all-steel version. SPECIFICATIONS | B#WBGW-RC-# 2″ x 4″ recycled planking in your choice of four colors Powder coated cast aluminum frame Combined portable/surface mount frame 4′ or 6′ length options


  • 4′ or 6′ Length
  • Recycled Planking
  • Powder Coated Cast Aluminum Frame
  • Portable/Surface Mount