Mural Climbing Wall


A mural climbing wall that allows you to climb over mountains, into the ocean or on a uniquely-branded mural that represents your organization.

Item NumberSizeMatPrice
MURAL8H2020’No$ 6,860
MURAL8H20pkg2mats20’2”$ 9,005
MURAL8H4040’No$ 18,010
MURAL8H40pkg2mats40’2”$ 19,010
Custom Image / Logo (without mats)
MURAL8H20CUST20’NO$ 7,358
MURAL8H40CUST40’No$ 19,007
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The Mural Climbing Wall brings extra enthusiasm and motivation to the climbing experience. Climb in the mountains surrounded by trees, wildflowers, animals and insects. Or climb into the ocean with turtles, fish and whales. Our ready-to-install murals were created by a professional illustrator and bring the beauty and wonder of nature into your facility. Another option is a customized climbing wall. We can create a Mural Climbing Wall with custom artwork provided by you. This allows children to climb over mascots, logos, photographs or artwork. Your customized climbing wall could match your facility’s décor, show school spirit, honor donors or make a bold statement. Each Mural Climbing Wall includes color-coordinated Groperz® Hand Holds to complement the design of the mural and to offer a variety of options for climbers to use as they travel across the wall. Hand holds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and difficulty levels. The visual possibilities are endless on the Mural Climbing Wall and we are eager to work with you to create a climbing experience beyond your imagination.

Each 4′ x 8′ Mural Climbing Wall panel is pre-printed and includes 20 Groperz® Hand Holds and 20 preset placement options for mounting hand holds.

Safety mats and a way to “close” the climbing wall to prevent unauthorized climbing are recommended. View our Mat-Locking® System.

Dimensions8’H x 4’L8’H x 20’L8’H x 40’L
Climber Capacity1 Climber5 Climbers10 Climbers
Red-Relief Line
 No NoNo
# of Hand Holds20100200
# of Unduplicated Hand Holds20100120
# of T-Nuts20100200
Accepts Route-Setting Hand Holds No NoNo
Accepts Adaptive Hand & Foot HoldsNoNoNo
Installation Time 1 hr3 hrs 45 min7.5 hrs
Age AppropriateElementary & Middle SchoolElementary & Middle SchoolElementary & Middle School